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PSA® - Personal SWOT Analysis
PSA ® - Personal SWOT Analysis is a coaching programme that consists of intensive training in attitudes and behavioural skills, organized in a set of 15 individual sessions.

PSA® was created in1994, and it has been a valuable instrument of Individual Development (Personal and Professional) and Team Building. It is very effective for Chief Executives, Managing Directors, General Directors, Managing Partners, Middle Management, Key Persons and Talent Employees, in what concerns the improvement of leadership capability, relationships and business results.  It helps to address immediate managerial challenges where coaching can be used in a speedy and targeted way.

Our approach is based on effective engagement between our coaches and our Client - Coachee, Management and Human Resources. It analysis the person from several points of view - intellectual, emotional and physical.

It is a behavioral-based coaching that results in validated, measurable, sustained learning acquisition and change in individual, teams, organizations and community.

PSA® is structured on real issues since it is about focused dialogues, coming from real time, enabling tailored solutions, contributing to an organization´s leadership capability, strategic alignment, effectiveness increase and happiness at work.

We provide three areas of coaching:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Career Development

Starting from a Diagnosis of the Person, PSA ® contributes to:

  • A better development of the Individual: Personal and Professional
  • A significant increase in the Self-Realization, Motivation and Well-Being of the coachee
  • Improvements in Productivity, Results and Sustainability
  • Enhancing Teamwork
  • A set of guidelines for Career Development

Reaching the final sessions, the coachee will receive a report stimulating a continuous improvement in his or her Personal and Professional Development Processes and a maintenance of a self awareness and reflexive attitude.

MMS® - Mind Mapping System
MMS ® Mind Mapping System was developed by MBA Consultores in 1996  as a specific change programme that seeks to align the employee mental maps (cognitive and emotional) with the company systems architecture, mission, vision, culture and values, usually associated with the implementation of a new measurement system and orientation for Results.

MMS ® Mind Mapping System being a particular change program is characterized by the following:

  • an intensive scheduling
  • a defined target area of intervention
  • strong mobilization from Managers and HR in an tight period
  • high visible support from Top Management
  • agreed measurements on results
  • stimulates team dynamics
  • enhances readiness and agility
  • strong motivational impact

MMS ® Mind Mapping System can gain its leverage from Human Resources Systems Management under the topics of Organizational Structure, Performance Assessment, 36Oº Analysis, Competencies Model, Remuneration Systems, Career Management or Talent Management.

The programme has also an intensive Communication approach, either internal or external to the target area, in order to gain support and leverage from other areas: internal suppliers, peers, functional areas and significant players.
MMS® Mind Mapping System needs also to be reinforced by a Performance Management System, fostering a Learning and Growth perspective.

MMS® Mind Mapping System is a customized programme that provides valuable information to the Management Team, intends to accelerate effectiveness at work, contributes to speeding up procedures, encourages quick responses and creates synergies to achieve the desired results.

Change Management
“Managing Change – A challenging reality nowadays”
  • Why are Persons getting tired of hearing about change?
  • How do you deal with resistance to – and/or excessive voluntarism for change?
  • How do you implement a Change Programme?

The Management of Change implies awareness by Top Management of the need to change the current situation in order to be able to overcome situations, problems and barriers that hinder the proper functioning of the organization.

To be effective and produce the desired results, change requires the involvement of employees and particularly those that have been strategically chosen as the promoters of this change process - Agents of Change. The more effectively we deal with change, the more likely we will be able to manage it.

Defining an action plan, defining areas of vulnerability, creating a feeling that change is needed and motivating the teams for change are some of the key steps in implementing a proactive Change Process.

Our consultants have a significant experience in helping to promote, support, control and follow-up Organizational Development Programs, conducting to significant rearrangements in Human Capital:

  • Beliefs, Values and Culture
  • Human Resources as an active internal service provider
  • Anchoring new approaches
  • Integrating Good Practices
  • Transforming the Organization – making Change work

The Management of Change is premised on a set of rolling and gradual commitments which require a strong sense of responsibility on the part of the Management Team; on the positive involvement by the teams; and on the celebration of the gains obtained.